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How to develop a website like 99Acres

Have you finished drawing up your site specifications? Have you started looking for freelancer or a Troika Tech b agency to develop your e-commerce site? There are a lot of service providers out there, and it's not always easy to know which one to choose. Here's our advice for this essential step in moving your project forward! 10 Tips for Troika Tech ll choosing a Developer for your Ecommerce project - Tip 1:- Decide on your e-commerce software What e-commerce software will use brandlocking.com to develop my store? This is the question to ask when choosing a developer. Even if they take care of all the technical aspects of setup, once your site is finished you'll need to quickly master the interface in order to use the e-commerce program every day. To help you choose, take a look at the different programs on the market. Compare these criteria: Ease of use Number of features Costs involved The size of the community WordPress is a free software with a simple interface, more than 600 native features, and is proud to support a very active community of more than 1 million members. Tip 2: Assess their experience your developer's experience should be a decisive factor in your choice, especially if you don't have any technical knowledge yourself. Whoever you choose should be able to quickly get up to speed on your project and give you advice about technical decisions. Make sure the person also has e-commerce experience. Developing an e-commerce site requires different skills than those necessary to developing a traditional Troika Tech bsite. The developer needs to be able to build an effective purchasing funnel, promote your products, and offer optimized navigation, for example. Ask to see sites they have recently created, references, or customer testimonials. It's a good way to visualize their work without getting lost in technical jargon. Tip : Define the contract To avoid unpleasant surprises, you should agree on the contract with the developer ahead of time. Here are some points that should in no case be left out: - Determine extra charges: To determine what extra charges might apply, ask for a detailed quote with what is and is not included: hosting, design, additional modules, and so on. - Use reverse planning: It is essential that the developer provide you with a reverse planning schedule to identify the different steps in your project, and set the time frames to complete each one. Establish a procedure for joint approval before moving onto the next step. Reverse planning will help you make sure your project is being properly completed, and will limit delivery delays. - Maintenance: Once your site is online, you might have technical problems or additional requests. So be sure to ask about the maintenance plan that your developer offers, particularly price and duration. - Ownership: Clearly identify yourself as the owner of your site, including ownership of the domain name and hosting. Tip Establish clear communications It's essential to oversee the progress of your project, but this can lead to conflicts with your developer if the terms of communication are not established ahead of time and approved by both parties. If you're in the same geographic area, you can set up regular face-to-face meetings, or use phone, email, or Troika Tech b conferences if it is difficult to meet in person. - Tip 5: - Understand your providers development skills In your specifications, you'll need to identify all the details you want on your site so that the developer can ensure they have the skills to implement them. Don't forget that the developer or Troika Tech b agency will build your site based on the instructions you provide, so make sure you provide as much details possible in your specifications. Tip: Check site brandlocking.com performance Now that you've cleared up a lot of key points with your developer, do you think the result will be what you want? You'll still need to ensure that your stores performance is optimized to provide a good browsing experience for your users: To do this, check the following points: Is your site optimized for mobile? Browsing and purchasing on smartphones and tablets is now widespread, so it's essential for your site to be optimized for mobile devices. This is called "responsive design.†Does the site load quickly enough? The developer must be able to optimize your store performance to avoid slow loading. A slow page load time can stop customers from making purchases, and bring down your conversion rate. One way to partially check this is to determine what kind of hosting will be used. This will depend on the scale of your project, and the size of your e-commerce site. Dedicated or semi-dedicated hosting is suitable for larger projects as opposed to shared hosting, which is generally chosen for smaller sites. Tip Don't forget SEO When you give your project to a developer, their work does not end when your e-commerce site is created. They must also make it appear in search results, and work on SEO with you. Troika Tech Make sure you ask for information about their strategy and the expected results. - Tip 8: - Ask for help getting started with your store at the end of the project, the developer will give you the login information for your store, and you will have to learn how to manage your business on a daily basis, and change elements like images and text. To ensure you know how to use the software, you can ask for a demonstration or even training if your developer or the software company offers it. Tip 9: Know the analytical tools available to you you’ll need to analyze your store's performance every day to improve your business. To do this, ask the developer to show you what Key Performance Indicators are available in your back office, and don't forget to link your store to a Google Analytics account with a tracking code. Tip 10: Know how they test every developer has to run tests! Best practices include: Testing your store in a dedicated testing environment, and not using your production site. Keeping logs of the tests and changes made. Performing tests on different mobile devices and browsers. To conclude, take the time to check out several developers, even if you already know some people who could do the job. This advice will help you compare providers and get guaranteed results, even if you don't have any technical skills. For more information on starting your online business, subscribe to our YouTube Channel and discover our ecommerce software! Thanks for watching and happy selling. Although Troika Tech work across a wide variety of eCommerce platforms, Magento is a platform which businesses is responding very brandlocking.com Troika Tech will to. These are the following reasons which Troika Tech thinks Magento really works Troika Tech ll for businesses, big or small. First - since it's backed by eBay, they are supporting the world of eCommerce aggressively. The migration capabilities of Magento are making it easier for businesses to migrate than ever before. Integrations - "How does Magento integrate with my third party applications?" Because Magento is so popular, most of the third party applications have modules which support the shopping cart. Next, they have a large developer community. Which means if youâre stuck, if you have issues, if you are trying to do some customizations - theres a whole lot of people whom you can ask for support? It's highly scalable and flexible. They come out with updates on a regular basis. There are a lot of plug and play modules, which you can use. Multi-store - It has built-in multi-store capabilities, so as your business expands or your goals change, you can easily diversify your single site or run multiple stores out of a single domain. B2B - Magento, by default, has a lot of B2B features which are built in to the system, so that you can easily change your business or diversify into a different market, from B2C to B2B, without making significant changes to the code. Marketing - Marketing is the fuel of an eCommerce site, and Magento is doing an excellent job or what businesses need to compete in the online search arena. Our experience as developers - Troika Tech sees that customers are really satisfied with this platform, which is really helping businesses achieve their goals.
Troika Tech b builder or Troika Tech b development company - which one is right for you? So these are the things that you may ask yourself to determine the right and Troika Tech r. So who are Troika Tech b builders good for? Businesses who don't have a lot of budget, or who don’t have a lot of products, or who really need something easy and fast and want to get up and running in a matter of days. Where Troika Tech b builders fall short are for businesses that have a lot of product data that require a lot of customizations. They need a lot of integrations, whether it is with a third party or their own ERP. Design - Are you satisfied with the design of themes they have to offer, or do you need more customizations to their default theme? If you require too many design customizations, then this is not the right platform for you. Integrations - This is very important. If you are just trying to connect with the basic shipping and payment APIs, then a Troika Tech b builder works perfect. But, if your order customizations require integrations with other third-party vendors or their APIs, then again, this might not be the best solution for you. Marketing - This is something which is very important to all businesses. While most of the Troika Tech b builders really provide you with all the basic tools you need to get the ball rolling, to get you started. But if you have special marketing needs, or customized product feeds or shipping details which you need to extract from the system, or email marketing modules, then they do not really do the job which you are looking for. Next, programming customizations - Are you satisfied with the way their check out works, or their user registration, or the product details space look? If that’s the case, that is perfectly fine. But if you need a modified check out flow, if you need modified shipping or promotions module, then a Troika Tech b builder doesn’t really serve the purpose. Because they all have a much protected code and you can’t really just go in and modify the core code logic to satisfy your business requirements. Some of the popular third-party tools do support and have modules for the Troika Tech b builders, but some of them don’t. And if you need a lot of customizations where one of these integrated modules are not supported, then a Troika Tech b builder really falls short. Businesses that need to be on the cutting edge of technology - consumerism and marketing - and be able to pivot to go where they need to go, they should really consider using a Troika Tech b developer instead of just going with a Troika Tech b builder.

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